Sunday, 21 August 2016

A common solution for a common current problem ....... or is it?

Meet an executive in the international ... well multi-national ... arena and have a chat about the areas of output efficiency ratios in general ...... won't be surprised if the common factor will be of dissatisfaction about the 'quality' ( level of minimum standards achievement in almost all sectors to say) ...of any younger workforce at large ...

..why so ? what is going on ? why the heightened levels of management skills inputs or broadcasts of them do not succeed in getting the quality deliveries in return ...? 

.... reasons? changing attitudes ..? Yes very much !
.... reasons? quality of education...? of course yes !
..... reasons? family structures ...? may be ...!
...... reasons? frustrations of the younger generations ? ... definitely a 'yes' in a way ..!

one common solution ...? reinstate 'demands' of quality traits by the bosses ... 'demands' that came about in most of the existing fields as 'traditions' (e.g. show me this / do this /that ....) but vanished in the era of workplace correctness, political correctness and lack of boss' own social ability to 'demand'   ...... verifications by bosses became name sake or for sharing the responsibilities instead of being effective .....

... and this is from kitchens to Labs, schools to workshop floors, art to manufacturing , from operation theatres to farmlands .... it's too common that the bosses no longer demand indicating factors that ensure quality .... and put the blame collectively over the new generations and new cultures ... time to introspect !! 

... who is the good boss then - one that demands day to day exhibits of competencies or the one that asks for nothing and only utters shared words of pseudo motivation and appreciation in order to be popular at the cost of lowering of standards in irreversible ways ?!! 

... while the world seeds new skills they also need to see what is getting evaporated and the irreversible consequences of that !! ... any new apps then to make a fix ...?

- E N D -

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