Saturday, 2 July 2016

Good Morning !

Not a large number have the life pattern that I live even this day since the last 4 decades - that of a few weeks on the high seas and a few weeks on land ... and not always in one country and one place  and a life that is governed by merchant ships' schedules and not mine at any time !! 

The paperwork for travels changes for some key factors from time to time : Technology, Political Changes, 'Security Incidents' as Hon'ble Prez. Obama may put it or as 'Terrorism' as Respected Presumed Candidate Trump may put it !!  Finally it comes to one same thing for the frequent traveller of my kind - and that is to remain focused on why we are travelling and to reach there safely and timely and oh yes economically and do the job properly !! 

The way you are questioned and scrutinised doesn't depend much upon you BUT upon what the perpetrators have done or are planning to do as per the security agencies ! or what the particular nation's current political agenda is saying !!

Yet before we get tempted even a bit about the recent long strenuous queues at the airports after the recent terror bombings in Istanbul etc, after reading about the Dhaka kidnappings, after being subscribed to key 'Traveller Advice' services about world over situations - do we realise that we travel because there is money in it and money comes by way of businesses and even the current situations  (and yes Brexit or not) ensure the continuity of the world running the way it is !! Whether we like it or not !!

I was watching a Fidel Castro biographical documentary the other day now that Cuba is open, and in it a Dove comes and lands on his shoulder just after his first inauguration - that in those days the Cubans took as a divine indication (yes in spite of the Communism !) ... today if a pigeon lands on a leader's shoulder like this a number of nervous security guards (uniformed and in plain clothes) will jump on to the leader to save from a hostile pigeon !! and yes a pigeon control security device will be made and sold !!

The world has changed, yes it was always changing .... news about Ozone layer healing gets released at a key time just before the Aussie and November's US elections .... may be the money going on the green causes is now urgently needed elsewhere - or is it a coincidence of sorts ..? 

Press releases, conspiracy theories, altered histories, biased media headlines, acts of illegal perpetration, cries for gun control, movement for inclusiveness of the LGBTs , protecting children from a host of criminal acts, exaggeration and suppression of facts (what facts?!!) in daily exchanges over a coffee and once in awhile references to Nostradamus too !! 

The only eternal fact remains that is - this moment has gone and will never be back again !

The rest is illusionary as the scientists have confirmed last year !!

Whether we say we like it or not, welcome it or hate it - it doesn't matter !! 

Be it and live it and forget not to leave it too !!

-E N D - 

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