Thursday, 11 February 2016

Gravitational Waves ... new discoveries

Hello folks !

I am back after a long gap ..... hope to share more .... this time with the news about the scientific news about the 'Gravitational Waves' concept that was 'Theorised' by the great Albert Einstein about a century ago (he always worked that way and his colleague S K Sen used to realise it in Maths a few months / time later - a brilliant scientific partnership in that... this time in the absence of mathematical requirements, it was the job done by the French-Italian-US scientific teams (as we hear on the TV )!!) ...

But with myself having a keen insight into the 'Astrology' - the Varanasi-Based calculation and  placements methods - I never saw any contest to this theory from the very first time it came to my knowledge a few years ago.  Because I have been urged into Astrology by my wife Uttara (Meena) who has developed for long her very own 'Vyom Concept' that came to being based on her works in the fields of 'Vastu' 'Fengshui' 'Numerology' 'practically making Interior Decor works' on many sites - the way they were being told when she studied them and also almost hijacked by people who give a 'magical' look to it rather than a 'scientific' insights method ---while it is in fact somewhat like a weather forecasting system of different sorts. When i was almost pushed into the Astrology world ... my big question then was how to define 'good' from 'bad' ??? and a very big question as to 'what authority a fortune teller has over others' lives to dictate 'do this and do that because astrology says so ..'   .... so i got involved in its studies in fact with a big disapproval for the  ways in which astrological aspects were told by those who know it and those who seek 'solutions' from it !

Being basically a sea-going-Navigator myself, there was no problem about the 3D visualisation of the planetary (correctly speaking celestial bodies') planes and relative positioning at a given time with respect to the earth where we live. 

The second part was that of 'making sense ' of everything - this came about on the eureka eureka day in a Vastu class where i was sitting with my wife as a student, and suddenly with my knowledge of the Magnetic Compass on Ships and their adjustments, and coupling it with the Vedic Karma theory that i have studied in my Upanishadic studies in the past .... suddenly all made sense as to what all this is about !

What was awful though was , the way people and society at large reacted to it ..... there were those who were keen to use it for betterment in life, those who were sternly opposed to it, there were these who ridiculed it and there were whose who misused it to get a social status in people's lives !!

While what this study is about is in the first place accepting the fact that the universal as well as local material and cosmic (just to explain its extra-terrestrial nature - call it 'cosmic'...) changes the way the humans on the earth singly or plurally think and interact - it constantly affects the way the status of micro to universal levels is ! and in that one can be forewarned or helped to reason out the conditions in one's own or as a family or as a society's 'future' would be ..... and then to make whatever sense that entity wants to make ... it is not and must not be the business of the 'teller' whether it is good or bad ..

And while this is what astrology is about, to relate it to something mystical, psychic is all incorrect & should not be confused with..... well then see the press conference in which the scientists are making the announcement of 'we have found it ' (gravitational waves..) .... and see all the congregation being overjoyed for their hard earned 'success' ... what is painful is having to listen to scores of 'scientific-minded' ordinary individuals who keep challenging - at least in India  labelling it as 'blind faith' and so on till they 'get it' !! so now from the Gravitational Waves if the earth and its beings get affected , so does what and how they do all the human behavioural and thinking activities that they do ........ 

That's why Albert Einstein was cut above the others - what he 'got-it' a century ago the scientific field is 'getting-it' now and we will have to wait for years for the public at-large (many of them busy only 'copying-pasting-forwarding' types i mean and refusing to use any kind of own wisdom that they do have ...) ...!!

Gravitational Waves - yes they are present or even more factors associated that we the humans haven't named yet or even sensed yet !! and they do affect everything that are human-made and controlled from stock-markets to politics to wars to personal relations ! and there is nothing 'magic' or 'mystic' about it!! 

Few things are there - insisting on calling it 'scientific' or otherwise is very much human shortcoming (as my son Eshan Arya describes it in his article 'tagging' it ..).... at times just accepting wind as wind and nature as nature makes it easy going without challenging their very existence !!

In the meantime i gear-up for greater insights into the astrological analyses of hundreds of situations that vividly provide a weather-forecast like synopsis for the 4-decade-seasoned seafarer in me because being able to explain it to public-at-large in the Gravitational-Waves context will make it easier to explain.. !! 


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