Sunday, 20 July 2014

Grooming of the Merchant Navy Cadets -2

The sea-sense cannot be instilled by others! Sea-sense has its foundation based on a constant awareness of the non-rigid medium – water in that – on which the ship and all that is within her is floating while the unpredictable behavior of the elements keeps the ship physically moving, tossing, rolling, yawing, cock-screwing and so on! This movement if not taken in strides and continuously adjusted to, can be very unsettling to an individual!

The Merchant Navy (MN) Cadets gradually start to physically getting used to these basic but radically different working conditions. A mariner on the high seas operates his vessel – ship – safely and efficiently along the rules and regulations that are formulated by those sitting on the firmer and steadier grounds ashore far removed from these basic conditions of sea-career!

The Cadets quickly learn that the varying conditions are not just limited to but inclusive of the following:

  • Physical locations
  • Geographical Locations
  • Climatic Conditions
  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Cultural / Lingual conditions
  • Cuisines and food qualities
  • Living quarters philosophy
  • Work philosophy
  • Hierarchy, command & controls
  • Unit members, colleagues
  • Equipment availability
  • Ship types and conditions, cargo stowage conditions
  • Sea Conditions

These can be summarized as the minimum list of variables encountered by the Cadets while adjusting to the new environment. They set out then to master the art of working in it!

These aspects of acquiring the sea-sense in order to be ready to start the sea-career are not normally included in this way any curriculum – but one cannot move ahead without tuning to it – as the time progresses one gains a better sea-sense.

But definitely in those cases where those who are training the MN Cadets address these elements, help Cadets build a fine sea-sense that crucial for being a successful sea-farer!


Safe sailings!

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